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First visit to Meridian Mississippi’s Children's Museum

I am absolutely mortified it has taken this long for me to write a review, but honestly... I had so much fun I needed to process all of it before I made my official post. I didn’t want to miss anything!

Last weekend, my husband and I loaded up our two boys (Connor; age 3; Owen; age 2) and set out for our first official visit at the newly opened Children’s Museum that started with a vision, an insanely hard working group of mommas and enthusiasm that was so contagious that the people of this town couldn’t deny it, so they decided to jump on board. With countless hours of effort, donations from every corner of the community and state... my family and I got to experience first hand all of the hard work that went into bringing this vision to fruition. We were not disappointed

1. Before arriving impression - Holy fun person on the phone 😍 Brandon is the customer service guru.

Despite my typical ’hot mess-ness’ I do TRY to be prepared. So, before we left I decided I wanted to go ahead and register for our membership just to cut down on the waiting for the kids (okay it’s me.. I’m impatient) but after visiting their beautifully laid out (and user friendly) website — I still had a few more questions so I decided to call. It was my lucky day. I got Brandon on the phone. His voice made me want to be his friend immediately, but his customer service skills made me want to just go ahead and become lifetime members of MCM. #takemymoney I asked him a few questions and he left me with so much confidence that I forgot all about registering before getting there. A direct quote I adored was, ‘We will take care of everything for you when you get here.’ and he did.

2. ARRIVAL - Oh hey, it’s Brandon. 👏🏻 Remember that guy from the phone? Also the guy who greeted me at the door, talked to me like an old friend and followed through with his promise of taking care of everything. I was greeted by not just one, but SEVERAL smiling faces who were all just as excited to be there as we were. After taking care of our membership, we were welcomed into some serious playtime with open arms.

3. Let’s Play!

Planes, trains, music, boats, theatre, fishing, reading, science. It. Has. It. All. I don’t even know where to begin with exhibit reviews, they’re all so good that they need their own blog. Trains anyone? If you know me... you’re either laughing or rolling your eyes. It’s not a secret to most that we love trains in our house.

A circle in the center of the table? Genius. My only wish is that the train tables were a tiny bit lower. They were quite high for Owen, but he was too busy with Jimmie Rodgers in the boxcar that he didn’t care. We spent time firing up the boiler, loading coal and transferring cargo!

How about a day of fishing? Maybe just some water play? Experimenting? Maybe putting on a show. So many great exhibits.

I have a million and one other things that I want to say about how wonderful Mississippi Children’s Museum is, but for now I think I’m going to advise you to just go and see for yourself. I’ll save the exhibit reviews for another day... this momma is tired 😴 To those who fought for this, supported this (whether financially or emotionally) from the bottom of my depleted momma soul.. thank you. One hundred million thank yous. Our family needed this day together. Our town needed this. We all needed this. I’m going to leave this blog with my favorite picture of the trip. I think it’s pretty obvious I love it, but this photo Is a great display of what type of people they have volunteering and working at MCM-Meridian. Although given the impossible task, she still made it happen. And she did it beautifully, gracefully and without knocking anyone down along the way. At the moment I’m simply referring to a lady trying to disinfect and clean constantly at a children’s museum in possibly the handiest exhibit there is, but it felt symbolic for the project in general. Thank you all for caring so much and ‘making it happen’ when I’m sure it felt like the impossible at times. We are all better because you had a mission you refused to let go of. #MCMMeridian

Lucy Dormont

Mississippi Social Bee 🐝

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