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**Places to visit - Lamar Hotel (Raymond P. Davis County Annex Building, Department of Archives)

Oh. My. Gracious -- In the realm of things Meridian, there is SO much that this town has to offer that I just truly had no idea about. Today's 'Places to Visit'.. i'd like to share a little hidden gem in the Historic Lamar Hotel (410 21st Avenue Downtown Meridian - The Raymond P. Davis County Annex Building) Naturally you will be blown away by the sheer beauty of th3e interior of this once popular hotel, but upstairs on the second floor sits a little piece of Meridian's finest -- The Archives Department. When I walked in...I was in SHOCK. To be honest, I was expecting to simply see stacks upon stacks of paperwork but instead I was greeted by showcases full of historical artifacts and a sweet little lady who just loved to tell me about every piece. The Archives Departments does host most of Lauderdale County's archives, but also tells the story of Meridian's past in a very beautiful way. I cannot truly capture the beauty of it in words so I strongly encourage you to down and see it for yourself. With that being said, PLEASE be mindful of COVID guidelines and procedures. Stay 6ft away and wear your mask!


From '122. PL 410 Twenty-first Avenue. Lamar Hotel (Raymond P. Davis County Annex Building.) Ca. 1927 Italian Renaissance (previously listed individually as a part of the Meridian MRA in 1979) Ten story, brick building with flat roof of tar composition with cornice, entablature with frieze of Gothic arches, ground floor with five, round arch bays with fixed windows, central, double leaf, wood panel doors, cast iron canopy, base and first floor are stone, first floor with 6/6 double hung sash windows, stringcourse, second-eight floors with 6/6 double hung sash windows, decorative brick consoles over windows with terra cotta diamond motifs, top story with diamond pattern brickwork, three sets of triple 6/6 double hung sash windows with rounded arch, lintels and flanking four 6/6 double hung sash windows with segmented arch lintels.'

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