• Lucy Dormont

Meridian, Mississippi celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Dear City of Meridian, tonight was so fun. We gathered in Dumont Plaza and celebrated as one.

The City Center was full of aromas and flare, every culture was present; celebrating with no care. The tacos were great, the margaritas were better but the best part by far was the fellowship together.

So lets make this a thing— You know.. gathering as one. This city is full of potential and fun. To the people who

came together and made this all

happen; this momma is grateful and my children are nappin.

Alright, they’re sleeping— but still... you get the point. Nothing else to say, but tonight was so fun. Seeing the community together was more exciting than fun. The tacos were fab (Don Cheques — you da bomb) the music was great and if I knew Spanish I would have certainly sang along. It was refreshing to see friends, without masks or a care. It was a great reminder that we are human and deep down the heart of the people is still there.

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