• Lucy Dormont

Miss Sippi's Honey

Okay -- so I'll be honest. Graphic design was something that never crossed my mind when it came to career paths.

I taught gymnastics and preschool for over 10 years and I was pretty sure I would do that for the rest of my life. It was perfect. I got to be creative and silly all while being paid to do what I love. When we got orders to relocate to Meridian, Mississippi I was heartbroken. Not because I didn't like the town, but because there was no 'The Little Gym' to continue doing what I had loved for so long. About two years into being in Meridian, a friend recommended me for a position that forced me to learn a little bit about graphic design and I was hooked. When I first started I would spend hours just playing with my design systems and would just get lost in the creative process. Now, I am so happy to say that I am once again doing what I love. I love design. Designing new logos and graphics give me the same creative outlet that I adored while teaching at The Little Gym.

I never know what i'm going to be presented when a client approaches me with a job. This one may be one of my favorites. A sweet local family has a small honey farm that they love to jar up and pass out sweetness during the holiday season. The client sent me a picture of her little pup and asked me to. come up with something to identify the inspiration behind the name. So here it is -- a few options for Miss Sippi's Honey. I'm not sure about you, but i'm hoping Miss Sippi comes with my jar of honey this holiday season. She's so cute!

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