• Lucy Dormont

One foot two foot, Threefoot more!

'Twas the night before Threefoot and all through the town

the art cars were lining up and the Clydesdales have come around.

The city is ready for the arts, eats and beats -- you better rest up Meridian...

You're spending this weekend on your feet.


Just come with me. No other explanation needed (but i'm going to give it to you anyways). THIS WEEKEND IS THE #THREEFOOTFESTIVAL and if you don't go -- you will regret it. So -- here is what you need to know:

Q: What is the Threefoot Festival?

A: Hi, welcome back from the underneath of the rock you've been living under. The Threefoot Festival is an incredible weekend dedicated to Meridian's Arts, Music and great food (hence the slogan 'Arts, Eats and Beats') It is a two day event (Friday May 14th & Saturday May 15th) Friday kicks off the festival by a parade downtown being led by none other than the Budweiser Clydesdale horses followed by an #ArtCar parade. After the parade, dancing in the streets with live music and fun! Saturday is an all day festival where you can buy beautiful artwork, enjoy #LittleFeetStreet (play area for kids), live music, eat wonderful good and so much more! See the full schedule below:

Q: Does is cost to get in?

A: No, the event is free to the public. However -- there is special admissions for the Silent Movie Marathon happening in the Temple Theatre (10am-2) and for the special broadcast of Thacker Mountain Radio Hour at 6pm. For details on purchasing those tickets visit

Q: Is the event kid friendly?

A: Absolutely. The Threefoot Festival has put together a special area designated for kids called 'Little Feet Street'. This area will have hosted events by local non-profits, train tables, balloon creations, a magic show, a petting zoo and more! Don't forget the sunscreen and a blanket for you all to be able to sit and enjoy the day! Expose them to the arts, fill up their hearts.

Q: What can I buy there?

A: Everything. All of the art. All of the food. All of the things. This show will feature both local and non-local artists. Their social media page has done a great job at making me realize i'm going to be broke after this festival. Here are some examples of artists that will be present:

I'm sure you have more questions -- but let's just simplify this. Yes it's kid friendly, the schedule is listed above and no it doesn't cost (unless you intend to do the silent movie marathon, WHICH YOU SHOULD or if you want to get tickets to the Thacker Mountain Radio show.. which also.. you should). Bring money for buying amazing pieces of art, good food and tipping the bands or the children's area workers! I'm sure most of the vendors will have the option for card payments, but keep in mind that this is a festival and some will be cash only. So, just get out cash. This is going to be such a blast and an event that you will not want to miss!

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