• Lucy Dormont

Remembering Allie Carruth

I will never forget the day I learned Allie's story. It felt like both a punch in the stomach and the most harsh reminder of how fragile life is.

The first year we moved back to Meridian, I was a mom of a 5 month old baby who never slept. I'll be honest... I was regretting motherhood. There. I said it. Motherhood is one of the most difficult and rewarding journeys that a woman will ever go through. There are sleepless nights coupled with endless love. There is love. There is resentment. There is Postpartum Depression. Motherhood is HARD. After a long night of zero sleep, I decided the best pick me up was a cupcake. So, I googled 'cupcakes' and found a local cupcake shop just down the street called 'Margie's Mixing Bowl'. When I walked in, there was this beautifully decorated daffodil cupcake. I remember the cashier asking me, oh you'd like an Allie cupcake? And I was entirely confused. She saw that in my face.. so she began to tell me Allie's story.

In 2017, this sweet little rosy cheeked girl was playing (like every little southern girl does) on her grandfather's farm. Lost in the beauty of the world, she was struck and taken to Batson's Children's Hospital where she later earned her wings and gave life to others. Allie was not only an infectious tiny soul that made an impact here on Earth -- she was also a giver of life after her passing as her organs were donated and ultimately saved two lives.

Allie means a lot of things to this community... for me, as a mother of a young child, standing at the counter of Margie's Mixing Bowl sobbing.. she was a gentle reminder of how lucky I am. The sleepless nights were (and ARE) still hard... but they also aren't guaranteed. Every year, an annual run is held in honor of Allie. Allie's class at Lamar School plants daffodil bulb in her honor all around the city to remind those who are lucky enough to see them of just how fragile life truly is. Count your blessings, love through the hardships and cherish every moment (even the bad ones) because somewhere close by.. there is someone longing to have those moments back.

This year's Allie Cat Run & Festival will be held on April, 17th 2021 to kick-off 'Donate Life' month. I'll be there with my two boys to enjoy the festivities which include live music, crown making, daffodil crafts, pony rides, petting zoo and so much more. Register for the run or donate via the website to support the story and legacy of this sweet little daffodil and her family who have worked through grief to bring life and joy to others. To Allies family and friends -- we are grateful for you and everything that you do. Register to run for Allie and have a daffodil day here:

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