• Lucy Dormont

Hi -- my name is Lucy and I just cried over Budweiser.

Okay -- did you click this because you thought I was crying over a beer? While in the realm of being a toddler mom that could be possible..I mislead you with my title. I wasn't crying over a beer -- but I was shedding real tears over the 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. It had me 150% in my feels this afternoon. Do you need a good cry? Just watch the video below.

You're welcome. Now wipe your tears and get your excited pants on. While pumping myself up for next weekend's events at the Threefoot Festival --- I decided to show my toddler what the Clydesdale Horses looked like. So to Youtube I went.

I'm excited about every aspect of this festival, but i'm most excited about seeing these beauties in person. Some really amazing people have pulled together to make this event happen and I know for a fact that Meridian (and surrounding communities) are really going to show up to make it a massive success. Energy is infectious and the more we come together in positive spots, the more energy that we cultivate together as a community. Infectious energy attracts others. The more people we attract, the more we can tell the story of our town. #LongLiveTheQueenCity

So, next weekend -- show up. May 14th & May 15th will be a moment in Queen City history that you won't want to miss.

Thank you to the community members, businesses and leaders who are making this happen. A big shout out to Mitchell Distributing for bringing a piece of history (The Budweiser Clydesdales) to Meridian, Mississippi. #VisitMississippi #VisitMeridian