• Lucy Dormont

Uneeda Biscuit?— I need a biscuit.

The last two weeks have been crazy. My family and I traveled 12 hours to Tulsa, Oklahoma to say goodbye to our beloved grandmother. It was tough. When we left Meridian, we had no idea how long we would be there— so we quickly rearranged our plans and focused on our family during this difficult time. I have been virtually out of pocket for the last few weeks and it was the break my soul needed.

(I maybe went to Target once or twice — which was also what my soul needed.)

During our stay with my mother-in-law, she had recorded a few documentaries (of course the history nerd in me was all for watching them) and one in particular grabbed my attention. I can’t quite recall the name of the documentary or the channel it aired on, but it was the story of the Nabisco Company. (Oreos.. no further explanation needed) As they began to tell the history of my favorite cookie company, I recognized a familiar sight.

Uneeda biscuit. Because it had been a crazy week, it didn’t quite register with me why I recognized those words. I kept asking myself ‘Why does that look so familiar?!’ Of course, like every overactive brain — it hit me at 3am where I had seen that same ‘Uneeda Biscuit’ advertisement. I had seen it in the heart of Downtown Meridian, Mississippi — across from the train station.

So what in the world does this advertisement even mean? Don’t get me wrong, I always need (okay want) a biscuit... but what is the story behind the name? “The National Biscuit Company was founded in 1898, the product of a merger among the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Company, the New York Biscuit Company, and the United States Baking Company. The new conglomerate was headquartered in New York City with 114 bakeries across the United States. Over the next several decades the company grew by acquiring companies such as the F.H. Bennett Company, maker of Milk-Bone Pet Products, and the Shredded Wheat Company, maker of Triscuit Wafers and Shredded Wheat Cereal. The name "Nabisco" was first used as the name for a cracker introduced in 1901, but the corporate name did not change to Nabisco until 1971. The Uneeda Biscuit, National Biscuit Company's first packaged cracker, was the subject of the company's first million-dollar advertising campaign.“


So, whether Uneeda Biscuit or you just love history... I know a place that can fill both voids. There are so many hidden gems in Downtown Meridian and there is no way that you could possibly stand to miss seeing this one. Everyone needs a biscuit.

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