• Lucy Dormont

What’s better? The Fudge.. or the ETC?

My gracious. It happened again. Another little hidden gem in Meridian, Mississippi has blown my mind today.

We live close to the North Hills area and I have driven by Fudge, etc. a million and one times — but my fitness guilt always prevents me from stopping. Well today was one of those days that I decided — Fudge was the best prescription for the not so great day I was having. I walked in for fudge and then quickly realized that the shop name should have been a clue. The sweet lady working the front greeted me like she had known me for years. I had a lovely look around and I mentioned to her that I truly had no idea that they had so many beautiful gifts. Her response was perfect.

Well, we are Fudge, etc. Of course we have fudge, but the etc. is everything else.

and man was she right. If you haven’t gotten your Mother’s Day shopping in yet, just make a one stop shop at Fudge, etc. Moms need chocolate, but we obviously need the etc. too.

I was overwhelmed but be beautiful art (some made by local artist, Mr. Tim Allred — his work is my favorite!) and the amount of choices in fudge flavor. Connor and I recommend the cookies and cream 😍

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